The Bakery

December 7, 2016

An icon of Mahnomen was torn down November 29, 2016. 

 We got some photos of the old Bakery as it went.  Saving the old stone was meant to be.  As I took photos and video of the bakery that morning, I thought... We should try to save that concrete emblem.  Well others thought the same thing. Officer Todd was on the ball. He went up and talked with Darvin at Napa, then talked to the demo crew.  They decided, when that wall comes down, they will wait and try to find it in the rubble to see if it makes it, before they load it.  A while later, the wall was pushed down.. and amazingly, the stone popped right to the top of the pile.  Officer Todd delivered it to Darvin. That's where it sits for now!!  To quote Darvin, "Imagine what that stone has seen all those years looking down over Main Street.  Pretty Amazing to think about it!"  


This is not the first or oldest building in Mahnomen, but pretty close. 

Trivia Question:  Do you know what business was in the bakery when it was built in 1905?













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